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A Student Organization Unifies DMV Students on DSU Campus

Ayana Nwozo

The DMV area is the acronym for the District of Columbia, and the states of Maryland and Virginia. The DMV Club is a student run organization on Delaware State’s campus that brings the DMV culture to Delaware State’s campus. Students from the DMV take up only a small percentage compared to larger states such as New York or Pennsylvania, so the club was founded to make students from the DMV area comfortable.


Serving as a support system in the transition into college (and while in college) the club brings together students from the DMV and students who would like to learn further information about the area. Established in spring semester 2012, by co-founders Edward Doxen and Adrian Sutton, the DMV Club grew from early beginnings in Evers Hall to all around campus.

The goal of the newly founded organization was to remain R.E.A.L– Realizing Everyone is A Leader. This is an empowering acronym to push the DMV students on campus to remember that they are beating the odds and breaking the stereotype that is told about young adults who are from the DMV.

Young adolescents from the DMV, the District of Columbia especially, do not have many opportunities, especially coming from a low income household or a poor public school system. Not only that, but the crime and dangerous activity in DC is an issue for young teens. Nonetheless, for a student organization like the DMV club, it is vital that they remind their members that they are here for a good reason, and that they are not alone during this college process.


The Board members of the DMV club for the 2019-2020 academic school year include the President Brittany Butler, Vice President Terrell Cool, Treasurer Nicoltte Baylor, Corresponding Secretary T’aira Wilkins, Recording Secretary Aleix Bridget, Miss DMV Logan Anderson, Mr DMV Gerald Amobi. All parties of the board are from the DMV area and stand to represent the club positively and efficiently.

The DMV club is actively involved on campus and with the student body of Delaware State, by hosting exciting and interesting events throughout the school year. Events are of a different variety, ranging from more serious events to fun and playful activities. The DMV Club has had events relating to helping breast cancer awareness, their annual “Go Hard or Go Home” basketball tournament, study hall sessions, and recently, they hosted a DMV Karaoke. The club has hosted Wing Night at Conrad Hall, have had campus prayers, and collaborated with other on and off campus student organizations for events.

This past Thursday, October 17th, the DMV Club hosted their first event of the semester–Karaoke night DMV edition — a new event created by the board, to be a fun and a way to relax and laugh. The event featured all music artistes from the DMV area, including mainstream and locally known artistes. The general members of the club sang a song with their group members and performed for the club. There were lots of laughs and the event was a success.

Ayame Phillips, a general member of the club performed a song at the event with a partner and described her experience: “I actually was nervous, getting up in front of people like that. But I had a good time, met some new people and it was all good vibes tonight,” she stated.


It was a great first event selection to get everyone comfortable with one another and learn how to have a good time together. Songs such as “Iggady” by Thraxx Gang and “White Iverson” by Lightshow united DMV students connecting them with one another, when some haven’t even met and lived in the same building.

“I’ve been a part of the DMV club since my freshman year and as a junior now, I see how important it is to connect with people who can serve as a helping hand or support system, because they know your same struggle,” stated Brittany.

The DMV Club welcomes all, whether they are from the DMV or not. It’s an all-inclusive organization and would like people to reach out if they are interested in joining. Members ask that would be members should not hesitate to reach out, because they are always willing to listen. Students should be on the lookout for upcoming events and programs hosted by the DMV club this academic school year. Follow them on their Instagram page at @dsudmvclub.

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