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Men of Color Alliance Makes Waves at DSU

Christian Chapman

There are several campus organizations at Delaware State University. Such as Greek organizations like Kappa Alpha Psi, Phi Beta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, and many others. Other organizations that are offered by the school that students campaign and run for to become student leaders include Royal Court, Student Government Association, Class boards. There are other general campus organizations made by students for students such as The Godbrothers, LIFT, The Fairy God Sisters, E.L.I.T.E, and many others. M.O.C.A better known as the Men of Color Alliance is one of these campus organizations.


 ” The newest members of M.O.C.A on the day they joined the org”

M.O.C.A was founded by students who wanted black men on this campus to be held to the highest standards possible. Their purpose is to elevate and educate the men of color at Delaware State University through academics, leadership, mentorship, community service, and career development. Throughout the years, M.O.C.A has solidified itself as a powerful organization by hosting three key events that happen frequently. They host programs like “Treat her like a Lady” a day where the women of Delaware State University are pampered to the highest degree and are treated lavishly. Hosting bi-monthly Barbershop talks where the M.O.C.A. members gather together with themselves and the other young men on the campus to speak about topics that vary from serious to funny to sensitive. This helps build comradery among “the guys” around campus because, as the saying goes, “what happens in the barbershop, stays in the barbershop.”


” Mister M.O.C.A, Marc with his E.L.I.T.E sister, Alynnda”

Every Monday, M.O.C.A. men dress up in their finest threads, both business and business casual for what should be patented “M.O.C.A Mondays”.

Recently had the opportunity to speak with the president of M.O.C.A Corban Weatherspoon. When asked what the organization has in store for us, Corban said: “M.O.C.A has a multitude of events planned for the campus, some social, some informative and others just good old-fashioned fun.”

When asked what is M.O.C.A? Aside from just a campus organization, he had more than enough to say. “M.O.C.A is a family, a brotherhood it is something that sticks with you for your whole life not just four years. From the moment you get inducted into M.O.C.A and you can say ‘I am a M.O.C.A man’ is when you become my brother. I have been with M.O.C.A brothers both past and present and one thing I can say is I have not felt more embraced. When meeting with past members, they treated me as if they knew me their whole life. They did not hesitate to tell me that if I needed help that I can reach out. They presented me with opportunities of connections and internships. When it comes to present members, especially the guys I got inducted with, we have a strong bond, we may not always hang out together as a group, but we always have each other’s backs. I can always proudly say I am a M.O.C.A man.”

What would Corban say to the underclassmen and the upperclassmen interested in becoming a part of M.O.C.A ? Corban states that “To the freshman and sophomores thinking about joining, do it! What do you have to lose? Nothing, so try even if we turn you away the first time, we are not going to turn you away from programs or events, you are always welcomed to come. If we say no the first time, speak with us and build connections with us because when you try again, and we know who you are. You would have to give us a reason to say no.

“And to the juniors and seniors, you have seen us for a while now and if you think it is too late to join, it is not — there is no deadline when it comes to trying to be a M.O.C.A man. You can be one today, tomorrow or whenever, because once you are a M.O.C.A man, you are one for life!”

Currently, the M.O.C.A. men on this campus are a part of amazing organizations such as Phi Beta Sigma (Caylon Anthony, William Adams, & Lawrence Awosogba. Jr.); Royal Court (Christian Chapman – Mister Junior), Men’s Council (Omar Jackson – President). M.O.C.A. has produced and hopes to keep creating amazing student leaders as they would like to continue having amazing student leaders helping elevate not just the black men on campus, but the campus life in general.

Recently the men of M.O.C.A.  participated in the Million Father March at South Dover Elementary School reading books to the students. They also hosted a car wash with their sister organization E.L.I.T.E.

We do not know what is next on the list of events for M.O.C.A but stay on the lookout for their next flyer, you would not want to miss it.

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