James Harden and The Changing NBA Style

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For years basketball has been the same routine of running up and down the court. Some players will have their own signature move like dunks, dribbles, or shooting forms. This was like ritual keeping fans engaged to their styles of play. This is what made some players like Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, and Stephen Curry so unique. This is what keep fans and NBA analyst hype and excited about seeing NBA games.

Over the past years the NBA rules would change every time. This was because people like analyst, fans, players, or referees would question the game. Almost every year there are four to five rules added or removed. From the fines to the fouls like “flagrant foul” was introduced years ago. A flagrant is when a player does unnecessary roughness or violent foul. Flagrant Foul The foul may have not been intended to happen or was an accident. If the referees see it as a flagrant the player would be fined and sometimes thrown out of the game.

For the last couple seasons NBA stars have been ejected from games. Tension on the court This is bad for fans paying to see NBA stars and they are ejected by officials over an argument. Big NBA stars like Stephen Curry, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant have been ejected from games due to a disagreements.


Ref vs Player

NBA analysts are saying the relationships between players and officials is only getting worse. Sometimes officials would miss a call that could cost the game.

This leaves players in an uproar and tension on the floor. Sometimes it makes headlines news on ESPN or social medias. The referees can’t catch everything that happens in the games and this leaves players frustrated. These officials are being held to very high expections and when they don’t live up to it they are criticized about their job. Even though the officials could make some bad calls, they are not fined or held guilty of such actions.

James Harden is an elite scorer that can easily average 30 points a game. Winning the most valuable player in 2017-2018 season. Last season he averaged 36.1 points per game and broke records scoring multiple 60 point games. James Harden was the second runner up for “Most Valuable Player” last season. Breaking records and earning allocates like “Player of the month.”

James Harden’s style of play is known to be shooting and explosive in the paint.


James Harden against defenders

He is also known to draw numerous fouls every game. James plays the game at his own pace throughout each quarter. James is known to move slow but his quickness and dribble moves are what gets him to the bucket. Making him the top scoring player in the NBA averaging the most amount of points.

NBA star James harden is making a new signature move for this upcoming season. Other player like Michael Jordan was known for his dunks. Stephen Curry is known for shooting 40 – feet from the court. James is known for his step back three pointer or his euro-step, making him one of the hardest players to guard in today’s league. He has currently been developing this new move this summer for the upcoming season.

James Harden James Harden started this summer by saying he will add a new move to his game. He knows the move is unstoppable and will change the NBA. Now trying to add a new signature move that is questionable as a travel will raise some eyebrows.. Some players are also trying to add it to their style, but he mastered it as a signature move.

Harden was known as the most unstoppable player. Opponents feared stepping up because they could be hit with a foul. Sometimes people defensive was not enough to stop him on fast breaks or even at his pace. Last season James Harden became known for his step back that created plenty of space for a good shot. The step back was so good other players like Stephen Curry tried the move but was called for travel.

The new move is James creating space shooting off one leg. People are already questioning James new signature move.


New Signature Move

Some NBA analysts and scientists are saying the move can be a travel if not done perfectly. James Harden says ” I do not need the move I can already create space for a shot.” Many are scared about how this new move can change the game.

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