Injuries Keep NFL Stars off the Field

Johquin Wiley

The NFL is full of contact and is one of the more physical sports in the world. Some injuries just cant be fought through or brushed off. Mainly trainers and coaches want what’s best for the players and their teams.

Have you ever been through a traumatic injury? Finally, feeling like you’re coming back 1oo percent and then, boom, something else goes wrong. Cam Newton suffered a huge shoulder injury on which he has had surgery twice.

th6AAVFPIW.jpgCam Newton has come out and told the world he has suffered from a Lisfranc sprain in his left foot. Cam stated “ I hid the extension of my injury, I became my own worst enemy.” The 2-2 Carolina Panthers are struggling with and without Cam on the field. Kyle Allen, the Panthers backup quarterback, has improved and stepped up to cover Cam’s position.

Cam Newton has a YouTube channel where he expresses his feelings and connects with his fan from a different point of view. Newton knows what’s wrong, but he’s been trying to fight through for his fan and his teams benefit.

He’s realized that by trying to be a superhero that he’s only endangered his teams chances of winning. His little brother has even told Cam “’Man, you were limping on that play. You just don’t look the same. I’ve been watching the games and everyone’s looking flat. Where’s the energy at that you usually play with?” Cam said last year “before putting the team in jeopardy, I’ll remove myself for the team’s sake and bettering myself.”


Cam Newton

The New York Giant’s Saquon Barkley, was injured with a high ankle sprain, and has projected that he would be coming back sooner than decided. Some doctors said he would be out for 8 weeks and his coaches commented: “ not my doctors.”.
Saquon Barkley has good plans on coming back ten times harder and better than when he left due to injury.

He stated “I’m going to try to return as quickly as possible, whenever it is to heal, so I can get back to help my team compete.”

Still awaiting his return, he has already been said to be sitting out Thursday night versus the New England Patriots.

unnamed Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, has been recently injured and declared out for the season. His elbow surgery has led him to the sidelines and coaching from the outside looking in. He sustained this injury in week 2 versus the Seattle Seahawks.

Standing on the sidelines, but the NFL still pays close attention to Roethlisberger. His wife dressed him for the game versus the Bengals and put his apple watch on his wrist. He was fined 5,000 dollars by the NFL for wearing an Apple watch on the Sidelines.

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