Oprah Doubles Donations to UNCF!

Oprah Winfrey/ Photo courtesy of freestockphotos

D’Aja Christopher

The UNCF’s 17th Annual Maya Angelou Women Who Lead Luncheon celebrated 75 years of service to the nation was held recently. With a guest list of over 1,000 people in attendance, keynote speaker, Oprah Winfrey, shared remarkable news leaving the crowd cheering in fascination.

Oprah’s support of the education system isn’t a secret. Just a few months ago, she donated half a million dollars to Newark high school in New Jersey. At the luncheon, Winfrey states, “I believe in the power of education… There is nothing better than to open the door for someone.”

With all the success and generosity we’ve seen from Winfrey, there was no surprise when she announced she would be matching the UNCF’s donations of roughly $1.5 Million, bringing the total number to an astonishing estimate of $3 Million. This record-breaking act is one of the most recent displays of her support in the educational system which, in my opinion, further shows the truth and authenticity behind her sentiment which encourages people to do what they can to help others succeed.

Winfrey has never been the one to make small donations when it came time to give back to others. When she gives back, she goes all out! Knowing this, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Winfrey wanted to break their record for donations, and she did!

Once Winfrey’s statement concluded, Tiffany Jones, the local area development director, expressed her gratitude by stating, “Her inspiring words reminded us that we stand on the shoulders of many and our legacy isn’t based on one action. With her generous gift, we can secure better futures for Charlotte’s brightest students and that raises the bar for all of us.”

She wasn’t the only one feeling generous though, Winfrey’s grand donation follows that of Robert F. Smith announcement this past May, that he would be fulfilling the student debt within the graduation class of 2019 from Morehouse College. Then, again, following that gesture of kindness, he spread his generosity to the parents’ debt whom have also attended Morehouse.

This has been a remarkable year for those attending an HBCU. From having student debt paid in full for some students, and more money for scholarship for others, this has been one year to remember for the HBCU community.

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