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Austin Williams Discovers His Passion

Nyah Sutherland

When Austin Williams first enrolled as a freshman here at Delaware State University, he was an accounting major not having a clue on what he wanted to do in life. After his first year ended, he was lost in terms of his future, that is until summer came. He picked up his first camera while accompanying his childhood friend with doing interviews around his hometown of New Castle, DE. Not knowing the first thing about Mass Communications, he would start making promotional videos for his friends interviews and clients.

Today, Austin is a Graduating Senior and one of the top students/Videographers in the Mass Communications department. Austin now films and does full work on projects for countless amounts of people. He has traveled internationally for the Mass Communications Department, and has thousands of shares/reposts on various social media platforms from his peers, followers and some of today’s biggest Hip-Hop artists! Nyah1

Austin has come a long way since his freshman year and considers himself a living example of how much hard work can pay off if one believes in in oneself.

Below is an excerpt of my Interview with Austin:

What made you fall in love with videography?

I fell in love with videography because I liked to create my own content. I enjoyed the feeling of putting together an appealing sequence and having a variety of different people see my vision as I do.

How has your personal and professional lives changed on campus?

My personal and professional lives have both changed. Personally, I am more known on campus. People who never spoke to me now stop to hold conversations and, of course, that also includes women.  Professionally, I have been able to shoot more events on campus. That also means that more students come to me for their own personal brands.

How does it feel now that your videos go viral on various social media platforms ?

When a video of mines goes viral or gets a lot of attention, it feels really good. I don’t necessarily put out content strictly to go viral, or for shares/likes, but it does feel like a minor accomplishment. It’s not a huge deal to me though. I honestly just love to make good content.

 What do you want to say to in-coming mass communications freshmen ?

I would say to the incoming freshmen of mass comm. to look deeper than the surface. This major has a lot to offer, but only if you’re willing to go out and seek those opportunities. Mass comm. is a field that offers jobs to people who truly desire to succeed there. Basically, make sure that this is what you want your career to be, because it requires a lot of time and work.





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