The Many Effects of Rising College Cost

Azonn Cale

Education is stressed throughout your youth, for the first twelve years of life you must wake up and go to school. The government assures education free for the first twelve years.

Upon graduation students are left with a decision, they can leave straight from school and join the workforce; some graduates will join the army, air force, or equivalent branch, and others will choose to further their education by attending college.

College is an institution that allows individuals to become a master in specific fields, upon the graduation of college you receive a degree that you can take to the work force allowing employers to know your qualifications. The idea seems simple and like it would be provided at a much lower cost than it does on average.

downloadThe cost of attendance on average is about $34,740 per year according to studentdebtrelief.us, with some colleges costing even more than that.

The high cost of college is an easy factor when making the choice on whether to attend or not, shying hopeful graduates away before they even get a chance to attend. Students must take out grants and loans that they must pay back, building up debt before they even graduate. Some students are unable to pay for school even after complete semesters forcing them to leave.

Lowering college is a good idea because it helps everyone in the long run. College at a lower price would make the option more open to everyone, meaning an increase in college applicants.

The more students that attend a university the better as that means we will have more people likely to graduate in a different fields, resulting in more people in the workforce. If everyone is more educated that means the better chance, we have at creating new things, handling issues differently, and it gives employers more options when picking candidates.

The cost of attendance is high since many schools lack school funding, the demand for college, and the fact that the teachers must get paid. The government could help in many ways to lower the cost of college.college-tuition1

The idea of dual enrollment is being used and shows benefits as many students start taking college courses before graduating high school, once they graduate, they now have some of the credits they will need in college, meaning they will take as many classes lowering their tuition. This is an efficient way to lower the cost and still not lose any money as some students will still have to pay for some classes.

The cost to attend college is something that should be considerably lower, it will benefit and provide many benefits. Applicants should not be afraid of college because of the cost of attendance; the government should provide more help with this problem.

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