The Dining Experience at Delaware State University

Jadyn Batch

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Blueprint of Tubman-Laws Residence Hall. Picture provided by Wohlsen Construction.

Delaware State University opened Tubman-Laws Residence Hall, including its dining hall at the beginning of August, 2019. Many students were excited to hear the news about the increase of food options, but others still aren’t too sure that it’ll completely fix the issue of dining services.

There are currently nine dining facilities located on campus, which includes the: Village Café, Conrad Hall, Market Place, P.O.D. at the Hub, Dunkin Donuts, Tubman-Laws dining hall, Grilled Works, Chick-fil-a, and Subway. Though there are many dining options, students are struggling with finding food to eat.

Food such as pizza, fries, burgers, chicken, salads, ice cream, stir fries, and other specialties on specific days are served at the Conrad Hall and the Village Café. Student organizations on campus can also host their on Wing Night on Thursdays to help the school buzz with Hornet Pride.

At Delaware State University, instead of paying out of pocket for the food services, students are able to receive a meal plan that ranges from $1,124- $4,494 yearly depending on the type of meal plan a student requests.


Delaware State University’s meal plan and flex option. Picture provided by Delaware State University’s Admission Department.

Student employee of Aramark, Marco Robinson, stated, “as an Aramark employee, it’s my job to survey students and ask them how their dining experience on campus could be better. Majority of the students mention the attitudes of the servers.”

When asked about the overall dining service, Tanaysha Fields, a junior at DSU, stated, “Since I’m paying for the services on campus, I believe that there should be an improvement on food options and attitudes.”


(L-r) Tara Kazirim, Conrad’s former head chef and DSU faculty. Picture provided by Delaware State University.

Conrad’s dining hall employee, Dominic Miles, stated, “I believe that there could be more enthusiasm within the dining staff on campus, and I also think that the students complain more than applaud and that’s not really helping. What helps is constructive feedback.”

The management of the dining services highly recommend students to voice their opinion on their experience, but it’s about the approach the makes difference.


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