Star Carmelo Anthony Anxious For a Job

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Carmelo Anthony All-Star Game 2015

Overtime stars overestimate their worth and over play their hands leading them to crash before realizing their full potential. No star athlete fits this description better than the all – star basketball player from Syracuse University named Carmelo Anthony.

Carmelo Anthony went from being one of the best prospects in the NBA to getting cut by the NBA’s Houston Rockets. Carmelo is currently still one of the best players at his position and the entire league. As of now he is a free agent searching for an NBA roster to be on and contribute his skills.

Carmelo Anthony comes from Brooklyn, New York. He went to Syracuse University during 2002-2003 year. He averaged 22.2 points leading the Orangemen to an NCAA championship in 2003. Carmelo decided to enter the draft after the season. He accomplished all the goals he set to accomplish entering college. He was named Freshman of the year and All-Big East team.

Entering the NBA draft in 2003 he was one of the biggest prospects who could’ve gone number one.

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Championship Game at Syracuse University

He was picked third by the Denver Nuggets. He shone brilliantly, becoming their best player on the roster and turned The Denver Nuggets from being one of the worst teams to being a playoff contender. He also finished second in votes for rookie of the year, showing the NBA that he was one of the best players in that year of basketball.

As his career went on he became better and one of the most talked about NBA players. He stayed with the Denver Nuggets from 2003 to 2011. He requested a trade during his final season with the Nuggets. Then was traded to the New York Knicks in 2011. Knowing that Madison Square Garden was a historic area, he had to live up to the name.
Leading the Knicks to the playoffs some years, Melo was building his Hall of Fame stats. Breaking records like scoring 23,000 points in 2016-17 season. Also, being voted every year for the NBA’s All Star Games, he became the face of the NBA. During the offseason of 2017 Carmelo and Phil Jackson started having conflicts. This resulted in a trade being demanded and him going to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

He started at the OKC Thunder as the small forward and power forward. He was still being able to break records like making his way to the top 20 of NBA points scored by a player. Starting to get old Melo started losing time on the court, but accepted the role on the team. At the end of the season Melo was traded to the Houston Rockets, this trade saved the Thunder tens of millions of dollars in luxury tax payments for him.

In 2018, he signed a one year- deal with the Rockets for 2.4 million. This was actually the first time when the NBA star had to come off the bench instead of being in the starting line. After ten games it was announced by Houston’s general manager that they are cutting him. The general manager said that “didn’t ever want to disrespect Anthony and his career he’s going in the hall of fame.”

As of today, Carmelo Anthony is still searching to be on an NBA roster. After being released in the beginning of the season by the Houston Rockets, people begin to criticize him. He became headline of the league analysts, and former players and others began to question his game. NBA teams did not want the headache of hearing about him all day in the news.

Months after being criticized and questioned about his talent, Carmelo finally comes out and speaks on “First Take.” Carmelo went on to say that had been in the in the gym everyday and is willing to accept the role of a “role player” instead of a “starter.” Local students like junior Sedale Jones said “ Melo is still better than half of the league today.” Also, Junior Ishamel Morrison, said “Melo is good enough to play but won’t be the same explosive player that we knew him as.” He is a star that still wants to play, but just can’t find a team that will accept him and all the publicity of negative news that comes with him.

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