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Many people go through life not understanding what a healthy meal pattern is. For college students, it can be hard to keep a consistent healthy diet with the food options provided on campuses. Most campuses have cafeterias with an abundance of different food options. A lot of campuses also have an abundance of fast food options. 

Some benefits of a healthy diet include reduced risk of heart disease and boosted immunity to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 

A healthy and balanced diet also promotes healthy development and helps the body work effectively. However, the problem with this is healthy and organic foods can be costly. Many college students lack the money and/or available transportation to obtain healthier foods.

Food-PyramidMany people don’t know how to identify & maintain a healthy diet that’s why today we have Doctor Bettina Taylor, a Health Science Professor & nutritionist here on campus. We also have Doctor Megan Rothermel, a Health Science Professor. Last but not least we also have Angela Shorter, a Physical Education professor.

Dr.Taylor stated, “If you eat unhealthy now, skip meals, your weight will fluctuate. Try to buy fresh fruit and vegetables from Produce Junction.”

Dr.Taylor also stated, “The thing with nutrition is it normally catches up with you eventually. You’re eating unhealthy now and you develop cancer when you’re 60 well you didn’t get the cancer when you were 60. You got the cancer by eating badly all these years. Not every cancer is caused by eating though.” Dr. Taylor supported how important it is to be healthy.

Dr.Rothermel stated, “If you eat right you’re definitely going to feel better. Try to take advantage of the salad bar in your campus cafeteria. Those are important nutrients that are needed that you may miss out on if otherwise neglecting.”

Professor Shorter said that we should, “exercise but do not over work your body. Take break days. Your body being sore is a sign that you need to give it a rest. However, try to exercise for atleast 30 mins 3 days a week.”

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There are an abundance of ways to maintain health on a physical level. One way to help maintain is to begin every day with a high fiber breakfast no matter what time you wake up. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and whether it’s 8am or 2pm you should still have that meal. 

Another way is to plan out your meal before you go into the dining hall and stick to it. Although that can be tricky, you can look up what each cafeteria has online before you go. Try to get a good balance of protein, fiber, and vitamins in your meal. Plug exercise time into schedule as if it’s a class. 

A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day is appropriate. Walking to class is already an exercise, but try things like taking the stairs to your room instead of using the elevator. Go to the gym and walk around the track a few times if you aren’t an equipment person. Lastly, carry healthy snacks with you to eat throughout the day. This can be anything from a little bag of nuts to an orange.


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