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Dreamers Join Rideshare Delaware

Chad Chevannes 

A Workshop was organized recently to help the Dreamers on DSU campus find reliable transportation to various places through Delaware’s Public transportation.


Tamika Lee, the founder and CEO of Be B.O.L.D., Inc. and the current career coach for the College of Humanities, Education & Social Science at Del. State is hosting Dreamers Workshops. “The workshops provides those students who are part of the Dreamers program with the resources that they need” says Ms. Lee. Their first workshop which was conducted  a week  ago focused on reliable transportation across the state of Delaware.


DART had launched a new way for people to get around. The program is called Rideshare Delaware, and it is DART’s first ride sharing services.

The program is designed to reduce carbon emissions and make it easier for people to make a clean commute to work or college.

DART has developed an app with the purpose to reduce the number of cars on the road. By encouraging students and co-workers alike to share rides to similar destinations. The app gives the user the option to select people in a familiar organization, school, Etc. It also offers rewards to those people that are making the clean commute. The user would log his/ her daily commutes to enter the raffles.

This is the first workshop of five. Ms. Lee says “Each workshop leads up to making sure the Dreamers  have a completed resume and cover letter. However, there are also other resources the students need, transportation is the first. If they do get a job or internship, they will need a way to get their”.


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