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Broke College Student Turns His Life Around

Kayla Bennett

All college students know about the “University Struggle.” Struggling with finances, asking our parents for money all of the time, even splitting Wendy’s 4-for-4’s— sadly we’ve all been there.

Delaware State University student, Roger Louisaire, is changing that narrative for himself by making money on his phone through Forex.


“Forex, also known as foreign exchange, is a decentralized global market where all the world’s currencies trade. The forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average daily trading volume exceeding $5 trillion.”-

Roger has a true entrepreneurial spirit. He has already started a non-profit organization and wants to get involved with real estate investing. In order to start the businesses that he wants, Louisaire needed money; that was when his friend told him about Forex. With trillions of dollars being traded daily, Louisaire saw this as an opportunity to make some money for himself.

Between just transferring to Delaware State University from Morehouse University this year, living off campus, and wanting to jumpstart his businesses, Roger Louisaire was on a tight budget; he even had to get creative with the things that he ate.

“I used to finesse Chipotle when I was short on cash. You get a burrito bowl and then you get six hard shell tacos on the side and then you take the stuff out of the burrito and put it in the taco shells. Now you can have tacos for lunch and what’s left of the burrito for dinner.”- Roger Louisaire

To start Forex there is an introduction fee of $225, so Louisaire had to find a way to raise the money.

“I asked everyone I could think of to raise the money. My parents, other family members, even some friends. I knew that I did not want to miss this opportunity to gain financial freedom.” – Roger Louisaire

Within the first week of using Forex, Louisaire made back the money he invested in the company. By week two he was making a $400 profit, just from copying and pasting information on his phone. Louisaire quickly moved up in ranking and became a mentor to others who want to embark on the Forex journey. He is now ranked as a P600, which means he is making $600 a month.

With Forex Louisaire can live the lifestyle that he wants without hurting his pockets and save his money for his future business endeavors. Now he wants to help everyone he can do the same. Even though this money – making process seems to not require much effort, Louisaire says that since he has been trading he has gained much knowledge on other parts of his life as well.

“Not only are my pockets fatter but it allowed me to become more efficient because in order for me to be profitable in trading I need to be on time with other stuff. Also I’ve become a leader because I have mentees that I am helping learn how to trade.”- Roger Louisaire.





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