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Marcus Dunn Is 15th Mister DSU


Dr. Mishoe, DSU President; Tahjah Warner, Miss DSU; Marcus Dunn, Mister DSU; Dr. Allen, DSU Executive Provost

Christian Chapman

Three years ago, Marcus Dunn was completely not into campus politics– he had never held a student leadership position. The most he had done was become Vice President of the on-campus organization, The Godbrothers. Now he is the 15th Mister Delaware State University under the Legacy Administration, representing the Royal Culture comprised of Mister & Miss Delaware State University, Mister & Miss Senior, Mister & Miss Junior, Mister & Miss Sophomore, and last, but not least, Mister and Miss Freshman.


Mr. DSU, Marcus Dunn

Marcus said that if you had asked him in his freshman or sophomore year if he could see himself as a student leader, he would have said no! He couldn’t see himself as one because he did not think it was for him. And now he is one of the biggest campus leaders that the university has to offer.

Below is an excerpt of my interview with Mr. DSU, Marcus Dunn:

What made you want to get into student leadership? Why Mr. DSU in particular? 

I wanted to get into student leadership because I wanted to step outside my   comfort  zone and find a new path in life. I like to inspire people to be great. I chose Mr. DSU because this is something I had wanted to do for a long time. Being able to tell my story and motivate others on this type of platform is amazing.

What was it like competing in the pageant? 

Competing in the pageant was a fun and humbling experience. I never did anything like that before, so stepping out of my shell and just being me was very different. Overall it was a great time.

Do you think people treat you differently now that you’re Mr. DSU?

I feel like people still treat me the same, but they show me more love now that I am the face of the school.

Since we are under the legacy administration, how do you plan on leaving your      legacy as Mr. DSU?


Marcus Dunn

I plan on leaving a legacy by carrying out my three initiatives. Mentoring, giving back to the hornet and local community, and professionalism. I plan to execute this by hosting programs, community services events, and advocating for the students. I’m telling my story to make history.

What do you have to say to students aspiring to be student leaders?

Be yourself. Don’t think it’s just a popularity contest, but have confidence in everything you do.  Be the change you want to see.

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