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More Food Options On DSU Campus 

 Tarvarius Niles 

Delaware State University has just built a new dorm on the campus. The new building is called “Tubman Laws Hall.”  The first floor of the new dorm has a dining area for students, staff, and visitors, and the other floors are dorm rooms for upper class men. 

Tubman Laws Hall Cafe

The building has a new food store called “Zoca Fresh Mexican Flavors.” They sell food like tacos, burritos, and bowls. The prices are reasonable, starting at $7 dollars. Zoca also will provide a nutrition information upon customer request.

New Dunkin Donuts in Tubman Laws Hall 

Tubman Laws Hall also has Dunkin Donuts in the dining area. Everybody can stop by to grab some coffee, donuts, or other food options on the menu. Everyone knows Dunkin Donuts is famous for its variety of donuts and coffee.

Dunkin Donuts

Dining Hours 


Tubman Laws Hall dining opens between the time of 11am-10pm through the weekdays. This is good timing for students and staff on campus during the busy days. 

Everybody on campus is talking about the new building “Tubman Laws Hall” and how fantastic the is designed. Now having more options for people to eat on the campus is good. Junior Rahee Ellis said “ the tacos are the best thing on this campus now” and some are just glad of having more options to eat on this campus, instead of Conrad, Ville Cafe, Chick Fil La, or Subway. 

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