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Godsisters of DE “Help Heal a Hurting Humanity”

Vanaija Shelton

The Fairy Godsisters of Delaware participated in the annual org fair at Martin Luther King Student Center on Wednesday Sept. 4th. The Fairy Godsisters of Delaware is a nonprofit community service organization whose mission is to “Help Heal a Hurting Humanity.”

God sisters1

Org Fair Fall 2019/Pictured from left: Zya Shelton, Chyanne Robinson, Joy White 

President Joy White says her favorite thing about being president is, “I love being president simply because it feels good to be a role model for girls, and it feels good to be able to give back to our girls!”

The group engages in community service all around the Dover area and Delaware. Some of their community service events are managing rest stops at marathons, Princess Ball makeovers, & volunteering at churches.

Fairy Rebecca Green states her favorite thing about being in the org is, “I get to help others by giving back in any and every way possible. I love to be an inspiration for other girls.”

The Fairy Godsisters organization has a lot planned for this semester and students are advised not to miss anything.

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