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M.O.C.A. Men Getting Ahead of the New Semester

Tanaysha Fields

As the semester starts, M.O.C.A. is putting their best foot forward, holding the first organization event of the 2019-2020 academic year. Wing night is an anticipated and preserved tradition and M.O.C.A. is setting the pace hosting the very first one Thursday, September 5th. It will be a night of community service for its members as well as fellowship for the students.

Moca’s first M.O.C.A. Monday of the new semester. Photographed by Mikal Morris. From left to right: Christian Chapman, Lawrence Awosogbe, Lee Chance, Omar Jackson, William Adams, Marco Robinson, Michael Mills, and Alfuquan Mccants.

The Men of Color Alliance is nearly approaching its decade anniversary of dedicating its organization to the development of black men on the campus of Delaware State University.

Established in 2008, M.O.C.A. has excelled in campus involvement and upliftment. Their sole mission is to “Elevate and Educate the men of color on our college campus through academics, leadership, mentorship, community service, and career development” says current President, Corban Weatherspoon.

Traditionally, the ‘M.O.C.A. men’ have integrated themselves deeply into student leadership for this academic school year. Omar Jackson, junior, is the current President of Men’s Council. Christian Chapman, junior, serves as Mister Junior. William Adams, senior, represents the graduating class as Mr. Senior. Outside of the Student Government Association, several members hold smaller positions in other organizations and departments on campus.

Michael Mills, junior, serves as not only the mister of Eminent, another campus organization but also the senator for the Men of Color Alliance. “I’m excited to get more involved this school year. My position as senator is aimed towards being the communication between SGA and the M.O.C.A. organization itself. In hopes of me being the median between both organizations I hope to further our legacy,” says, Mills.

wing night
First Wing Night hosted by the Men of Color Alliance.

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