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Tubman Laws Opens on DSU Campus

Canaan Sims
hall 1
Delaware State University located in Dover, Delaware, recently opened its new residence hall on August 23. The hall has been under construction for a year and was planned to open on time, which it did. The new building replaces two residence halls that used to be on the site on the campus — Tubman Hall and Laws Hall.
Both Halls were very outdated and with the school’s current expansion and increase of enrollment, it was only right to establish the new “Tubman Laws Hall.”
Students are beginning to settle in and get acquainted with the new dorm which has five floors. The building has three different types of rooms, such as four-bedroom suite with a kitchen and two bathrooms; a four – bedroom suite without a kitchen and one bathroom;
and two-bedroom suite with a bathroom.
The building also has a lounge on three floors with games and televisions for student’s relaxation and satisfaction. Also, on each floor, there is a designated study room,
trash disposal rooms on each floor, new state of the art washing and drying machines, a new dining hall with food services, and Dunkin Donut’s Express.
The building may be loaded with perks and attractions, but everything comes with its flaws. A few students were upset with the new building because students were expecting the kitchen rooms to have a cooking area, but they do not. Other students have had issues with their air condition not working.
From a student’s perspective, I asked two gentlemen who are currently living in the new building what they do and don’t like about the new building. Christie Henries, a Sophomore, stated: “I like the new building because it gives me a better feeling of home and it is very accessible. I do not have to leave my room to use the bathroom or get something done like my previous housing.” Mr. Henries is living in the four bedrooms with a kitchen and two bathrooms, which is the best options of all the rooms.
Another gentleman named Jared Anderson had similar views as Mr. Henries, but had more to say about the negatives of Tubman Laws. He stated, “I don’t like how the kitchens aren’t equipped with a stove. Also, the building was kind of rushed construction and did not test all the accommodations that come with the building to make sure everything works correctly.” Other students agreed with Mr. Anderson’s views, but that is to be expected because everything comes with its flaws.
Tubman Laws is the place to be on Delaware State’s campus and has yet to give up its full potential.

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