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Homecoming Is Coming Early This Year

Jadyn Batch

Delaware State University’s homecoming is fast approaching.

The annual homecoming date was moved up to September 15th, when in the previous years, the big event took place in October. By doing so, the school’s Welcome Week will take its place in October in order to fill the gap.


In this picture, the Delaware State University football team make their big entrance onto the field. Photo by: DSU Athletic Media Relations

Delaware State University student, Tanaysha Fields stated, “I’m not sure what to think about the changes made to the schedule. I’m so used to having Welcome Week in the beginning of the school year and homecoming in October, but I’m open to the change.”

Dominique Theodore, employee of Campus Events, stated, “It’s just how they made the calendar this year. As an event coordinator, we tried to move events around to make the change in times.”

Starting Sunday, September 15th, 2019, Delaware State University is kicking off its homecoming week with a coronation of the Misters and Misses of the organizations on campus.


In this picture, DSU students and alum enjoy the football game. Photo taken by: JASON MINTO/THE NEWS JOURNAL

Other events details and times are to be announced by the event coordinators.

Though the anticipation for homecoming won’t be too long, many students are worried that the drastic changes made to the schedule will ruin their experience.

When asked what she thought about the upcoming event, Delaware State University student, Fields stated, “Even though I’m excited for homecoming, I’m wondering what the events are, who the performers for our concert will be, and what other changes will be made this year.”

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