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MOT Charter High School Graduates Record Number of Students!

Gabrielle R. Barnes
This past weekend started the 2019 season of High school graduations.
Girls went out to get their hair done, get their nails done, and find the perfect dress for pictures afterwards, while guys got their hair cut and bought new shoes to show under their gowns.
One of the schools to kick off graduation month was MOT Charter High School
in Middletown, Delaware. MOT Charter High School focuses on the Arts as well as Science and Technology. Their graduation took place on Saturday June 1, 2019 at 1pm in the brand – new gym built just two years prior.
This year’s graduation number was at an all – time high at 119 students receiving diplomas. The students who graduated this year were the second class to graduate as the high school itself is five years old, while the building is only four years old. In the school’s first year, students did their learning in trailers while the building was being built.

MOT Charter high School, Middletown

Also leaving the school with this year’s graduates was Academy of Arts principal Elaine Elston . After being with MOT Charter k- 8 for many years, she has decided it was her time to retire.
The ceremony was beautiful with students reminiscing over their time together and
singing sad departure songs. There was not one dry eye among the graduates when the
musical theatre major sang ‘Almost There’ from Disney’s 2009 film, The Princess and
the Frog.
Students were joyous as they walked across the stage knowing that it was just the start
of the rest of their lives.
“Twelve years of school complete, only four more years to go,” stated graduate Alex

Alex Barnes receives his High School Diploma


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