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DSU to Complete Dorms Renovation this Summer

Gabrielle R. Barnes

The Delaware State University housing department will be completing renovations in certain residences during the summer of 2019. The renovations include ripping out the old flooring and putting in the new floors, as well as attending to some of the pluming issues in the bathrooms.

 “This renovation is very much needed and has been requested over the years,” Responded an RHA representative, when asked why the renovations were taking place this summer.

 All of the upper-class residential apartments in the village and most of the residential apartments in the University Courtyards will be renovated. The renovation is estimated to take one month, and each building is to be renovated at different times as to not disturb too many students at once.

 “Where am I going to be placed if I have to stay during summer break for work of school or something?,” asked a concerned DSU student at the Q & A meeting held on April 23, 2019.

 For those students still requiring housing during the summer months, Housing will be moving them to Warren Franklin. A fleet service will be provided for those who need help moving large items from one building to another.

All renovations should be done by early August for students to be able to move in before the fall semester starts.

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