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SGA Administration Speaks at Dover High School

Amina Diallo
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Dover High School Students

Photo Credit (Photo by SGA Administration Instagram Page- the legacy administration, SGA)
On May 29, 2019, The Delaware State University’s Student Government Association spoke at the Dover High School in Dover, Delaware. The Administration had an enlightening
conversation with the graduating seniors of Dover High about college life.
The members of the SGA Administration introduced themselves and their positions on campus before speaking out about DSU and college. In attendance were Mr. and Ms. Delaware State University, Marcus Dunn and Tahjah Warner, along with SGA President and Vice President, Usman Tijani, and Ashlee Davis.
The SGA Administration was there to advocate for DSU and to encourage the high school
students to attend college, mainly Delaware State University.
Delaware State students are always devoted to encouraging, empowering and uplifting the youth, as well as providing leadership and mentoring to incoming students. When asked why do they like to be involved in student leadership positions, one of the many responses was to “make a difference.”
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DSU SGA Leaders

Photo Credit (Photo by SGA Administration Instagram page @thelegacyadministration_sga)
The administration posted a few photos on their Instagram page with the caption “With shared words of encouragement and motivational pushes to succeed in the next chapter of their lives and at a higher level of education, students were able to take some nuggets with them and an overall success to the event.”
“College seems like it will be fun, I can’t wait to go,” said one of the students from Dover High. Many students from Dover High found that they were really interested in going to college. The SGA Administration is responsible for setting a good example while leading the potential students and they did just that.
“Leave a Legend, come back Legendary”, the SGA told the students.

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