Philadelphia Zoo and Delaware P.A.L Fly to New Heights

Gabrielle R. Barnes
The Philadelphia Zoo added a new attraction this month that has everyone going wild! WildWorks is an obstacle course that opened on May 7th to the public with two different levels for two different skill sets.
At over 30 feet in the air, one is allowed up to 25 minutes to enjoy oneself ─fully harnessed─ doing rope obstacles, bridge crossings, and finally zip lining.
Ticket prices range between $4 and $10 depending on the level one is participating in,
and weather or not one has a family group package. Entrance to WildWorks is separate
from the zoo, so one can just climb without paying to go inside the whole zoo.
A group of 14 kids and 4 volunteers from the New Castle P.A.L and 14 kids and 4
volunteers from the Delaware City P.A.L met up at 9:30 a.m. and rode a school bus to
the zoo. “I can’t wait to see the monkeys and go on the zip line,” said 11 year old
Kierra when she saw the obstacle.
The kids enjoyed the new zoo attraction when climbing and tightrope walking. When it came to the zip lining, they were shaking in their boots. They were so nervous the closer it got to be their turn. The people on the ground cheered them on and encouraged them to let go.
On the way home, the bus was just about silent with sleeping kids. “I’m so glad that the
kids had fun on that new zip line. This trip was better than our zoo trip last year.”
Corporal Barnes said when the day was over.

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