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Morgan Chattman Wins NYPD Foundation Top Prize

Corey Miles

Morgan Chattman 

A 13-year-old named Morgan Chattman, who attends Village Academy Middle School located In Far Rockaway, NY, presented the triumphant video commercial, which was notified at the Build The Block Award Reception at the NYC Bet Studio.

She was named the winner of the video competition Tuesday, May 21, 2019 because of her impactful video.

 Morgan Chattman’s video included nearby cops and youngsters having exchanges about their locale, just as a unique jingle composed and performed by understudies. The video got 30,000 views, more than 10,000 likes, and almost 100 positive remarks on the social media platform.

The victorious video was selected by the Neighborhood Coordination Officers because of the engagement the video was receiving on social media. Social media platforms are helping NYPD. The community of Far Rockaway is gaining the love of police because they are trying to engage more with the youth to embrace a positive impact.

In addition, about thirty-two middle schoolers were acknowledged as well at the reception for encouraging the connection between police officers and the youth in their neighborhood. Meanwhile, AirPods, certificates, PS4s and more, were given out to different participants who competed for impromptu singing contests and several dance-offs  on the award night.

 The Annual “Build the Block” awards reception is to show how the youth are utilizing social media to embrace the relationships between the community and NYPD police officers.

 “Social media is an excellent tool for young kids of NYC to utilize and show their positive interactions with police officers.”

 The community is looking forward to more events from The NYPD. For the youth, the NYPD plan on having afterschool programs for students to come down to the station and shine a light on their artistic crafts. This connection is bringing the community together, which is giving police officers a better reputation in this present time.

There will be a new virtual reality program that the NYPD will be hosting for the youth. The program is giving kids the ability to learn about de-escalation and emotional intelligence. This Foundation is committed to embracing New Yorker citizens to support the NYPD police officers in their duty to keep the City as safe as possible.

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