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DSU Hosts 12th Annual SGRHO Stroll Competition

Cameron Miles

This year’s competition, being the 12th  annual hosted by the woman of Sigma Gamma RHO sorority, inc, was very exciting as well as competitive.

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Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc

The four Greek letter organizations that performed came out and put on a great show. The poodles ( Woman of Sigma Gamma RHO) usually participate in the competition, but they did not compete for the trophy of the $300 grand prize.

The last few years, the competition championships have alternated between the Iotas ( men of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, inc.) and the Sigmas ( men of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, inc.). Iotas won in 2016; Sigmas won in 2017; Iotas won in 2018, and now the Sigmas just won in 2019. The ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. won for about the 5th time in a row.

The four organizations that participated in the competition were:

• Iota Phi Theta Fraternity , Inc
• Phi beta sigma fraternity, Inc
• Zeta phi beta sorority, Inc
• Delta sigma theta sorority, Inc

The order of the show usually goes in founding order for the Greek letter organizations, but the competition started off with two performances by two non-Greek letter organization–
• Limitless
• HV

The whole competition was co-hosted by a member of phi beta sigma fraternity, inc., who goes by the name “localceleb” and is known throughout the DSU community as well as the Dover community.

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During the intermissions, “Localceleb” would keep the crowd entertained and on the edge of their seats with different activities like dance battles, telling jokes, as well as mini Greek stroll battles.

The Greek stroll battles were among all the fraternities that showed up to the competition, which were the:
• The Alphas
• The Sigmas
• The Iotas
• The Ques

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Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 

The competition was close as far as competitiveness among all of the organizations, but there could  only be one champion. Although the Deltas did not win, they performed phenomenally and probably had one of their better shows in a very long time.  This competition is a great tradition that Delaware State University has continued that brings money into the schools budget as well as helped general promotion and publicity for the school.

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