Tanya Black From WJZ-TV Speaks With Mass Comm Students

Imani Lee

On March 28, 2019, Tanya Black from WJZ-TV came to DSU to discuss landing a job in the news industry, and the requirements needed. Black also brought along her videographer from the station to speak with the students about his position.


 Being Well Read

Tanya Black posed the question to the students that “What does it mean to be well read?”. She explained that a person applying for a news reporter or anchor job must know what’s trending in the news. It’s important for students looking to go into this profession to get in the habit of waking up and thinking about what’s trending in the news.



Tanya Black and Professor Renee Marine

Social Media Footprint

If not careful a person’s social media posts can come back to haunt them. Tanya Black told the story of how a young woman had the job, but by the end of the day the WJZ-TV changed their minds due to the young woman’s social media posts. It is important to keep inappropriate pictures off social media, especially if you are looking to apply for a job. Employers do have ways to see your social media account, even if it’s private.

 Knowing the Job

It’s important for a prospective hire to know the company they are applying to. It’s important to research their coverage and style of coverage. A prospective hire must understand the following:

  • Market Size
  • Demographics
  • Coverage Area

Most importantly look like what they’re looking for.

Securing the Job

Black explained what a prospective hire for a news station should come to the table possessing. A few things a prospective hire should show is having motivational drive, knowledge of the company, being prepared for the job, and having a curiosity to learn about the industry. Also, a prospective hire must have credibility and a clean social media.

Paying Dues

Starting off in the mass comm industry, you must be willing to work long hours and holidays. Black talked about how now that she’s thirty years into the news anchoring industry, she doesn’t have to work holidays or long hours. It’s vital to understand that mass comm is a 24/7 job profession, and a person must be willing to pay their dues.



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