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Campaign Season Speech Night

Tatyanna Freeman

Campaign season is upon Delaware State University Hornets and all the candidates are taking it with a sting.

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019, some of our fellow hornets had the courage to give speeches on why they are the “best fit” peer to fill their desired leadership positions. Speech night is an opportunity for all candidates to formally introduce themselves and persuade the student body on why they are running and why they would be the best fit for the position.


Flyer Courtesy of Jrthekidpoductions

While all leadership positions are up for grabs  our determined hornets are running for:


  • Student Government Association President
  • Student Government Association Vice President
  • Student Government Association Recording Secretary
  • Student Government Association Corresponding Secretary
  • Student Government Association Treasurer
  • Junior Class President
  • Sophomore Class President
  • Women’s Senate President
  • Men’s Council President

Candidates and Their Missions

The student body can  agree that the school spirit has rapidly been diluted immensely. Nevertheless each candidate has a common goal, which is to restore the love and liveliness on campus. By implementing their own initiatives and bringing their passion for change to the table, each candidate has hope that their drive can possibly bring the campus back together . 


Flyer Courtesy of Jrthekidproduction

John Blackson, along with Usman Tijani, are running for Student Government Association President and Vice President. This duo plan on reviving the liveliness of our campus beginning with us Generation X. 




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