Campaign Season Promises Change on DSU Campus

Loyal Ricks Jr.

As the beautiful spring weather greeted the various faces on Delaware State University’s campus, so did the urge for a new change. The student leaders who were elected to hold their current positions during the previous spring semester now must stand aside and let new faces embark on the journey of leading their institution.

The transition period between each change of student office is known around campus as campaign season.


Marcus Dunn

Students who have experienced campaign season on campus before can sense when the season is in full effect. The elaborate display of a variety of posters catch the eyes of casual students before they are able to hear the platform of each candidate. After the Martin Luther King Jr. student center is transformed into miniature city hall, students are able to put faces to names of the students who plan to lead the university into another year of success.

Events are held during the six weeks period known as campaign season. Each year candidates must impress their fellow colleagues and a handful of judges in order to be deemed the winner at their position during the election. Positions rage from Mister and Miss Delaware State University to Mister and Misses Freshman.h Each graduating class has the opportunity to elect a female and male representative who would stand as the face of that specific class. Students also run for student government positions in order to hold more control over what events DSU plans to host for its students each year.

Events such as speech night, the royal pageant and self-produced gatherings enable the campus to learn more about the individual who would like to help elevate the environment we all engage in.

For some people, campaign season is a time where the vibes on campus reflect the beauty of spring. Students become more engaged with their campus because there are more things to interact with. Places like the student center, the gym and the outside basketball courts become the perfect visual representation of campus unity.  Students that live on campus can attest to the feeling campaign season brings to the campus of Delaware State University.

Senior students Darren Moore and Dominique Drewery welcome campaign season with open arms. “Campaign season is almost the introduction to Spring Fling. We as students work year work all fall to enjoy the beauty of spring semester. Campaign season basically introduces the unity feeling to campus. The amount of effort that students put into running a professional campaign is beyond admirable and respectable.

The culture of campaign season is one that is truly a part of Delaware State University’s culture. This year, several students have decided to take on the task of fulfilling the leadership roles on the campus in which they enrolled. With such a huge responsibility in the palm of their hands, each candidate is ready to leave an impact at Delaware State University!

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