K-12 Teachers Should Have Higher Earnings Than College Professors

Tatyanna Freeman

College professors are here to help guide young adolescents throughout their college experience and to achieve their desired career aspirations. While college professors are here to put the sprinkles on the cake, K-12 educators are the foundation of the cake.

The purpose of the K-12 educational program according to New Learning Models, Resources by Chris Sturgis, “…is to facilitate a process through which all students graduate high school with the academic and lifelong learning skills to be leaders in their communities, and agents of their own success — whether in college, career, or navigating the opportunities and challenges they will encounter in their lives.”

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Being that K-12 educators are helping develop minds of young adolescents in their infant stages, a K-12 educator’s impact in a child’s life is imperative.
Meaning, anything taught throughout those years of implementation are crucial to a child’s overall development. These educators help with the development of young adolescents personal, social skills, creativity, intercultural understanding, along with digital media.

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Most schools provide typing classes, foreign languages, basic mathematics, writing class, social studies, science, behavioral lessons, along with musical opportunities, for their students. All of these help prepare children for basic training for entry level jobs, providing everyone with the same jump start to venture out into his/her desired lifestyle, or even to experience things they might have never encountered by learning life on their own.

College professors teach their students based on K-12 curriculum they learned prior to attending higher institutions. In college, professors do not cover certain “basic” information because it is something we should know, now without the help of teachers, none of that would be possible. Without teachers professors would have to start from the beginning to teacher a student a concept, instead of helping them perfect it. Professors are here to help an students branch out and focus on something they can see themselves doing for the rest of their lives. Now, the importance of professors are not being belittled, being that they do take on a crucial part in a young adults life, but it all begins with a teacher’s perspective.

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