Working Out Is The New Stress Reliever

Imani Lee

Working out is a stress reliever that all college students should try. It releases the stresses of daily burdens. Working out is a great way to get your summer body ready, also. It doesn’t matter if you are a student athlete or not, any workout, from yoga to weightlifting, is a great way to manage stress.

While working out, the brain releases neurotransmitters called endorphins. The endorphins help the body feel good and releases the anxieties of the day. Any exercise can contribute to this sense of euphoria.

It is a form of meditation while moving. You can forget about the stresses of the day after a run on the treadmill or a few rounds of weightlifting. Focusing on a single task, helps your mind remain clear of the stresses. It also keeps the body calm and serene. The calmness from working out carries on outside the gym.

According to the, a consistent workout regimen helps boosts confidence and lowers the symptoms connected with depression and anxiety. It can also aid with your sleeping, which is interrupted by stress and anxiety from the day. Working out lowers stress levels and relaxes the body throughout the week.

Many of you students do not work out due to heavy course load, but you can schedule workouts in many ways. The number one thing you can use to schedule a workout is on the reminder app on your cell phone. Or you can simply write it into your planner. It is important to make working out a part of your weekly routine to maintain low stress levels and to maintain your overall health.

Workout at your own pace and don’t expect to be a pro on your first day. Also, do a workout that you enjoy. You may enjoy practicing yoga, while someone else may enjoy weight lifting. It does not matter what exercise you choose, because either way you are increasing your fitness level and lowering the stress in your body.

If you are not comfortable working out alone, then ask a friend to come along. Allowing a friend to tag along motivates to stay on task while working out, and the friend will hold you accountable to maintain your workout regimen. Also, having a friend tag along pushes you to continue going to the gym.

Remember working out is not a chore, but a fun way to lower stress. There are so many forms of workouts to choose from, so that it does not become redundant. Working out is a positive way to release the stresses and anxieties of the day.

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