Should We Abolish the Electoral College?

Marvin Hagwood

     Over the years many presidents have been elected, but not all have won the popular vote. When a president is elected the winner is determined by the electoral college. According to dictionary.com the definition of the electoral college is a body of electors chosen by the voters in each state to elect the president and vice president of the U.S. Each state has a certain number of electors based on the size and population of the state itself.    

      Each state has a minimum of 3 votes which is divided as 2 senators and 1 representative. Although this sounds fair, there are many problems with the Electoral College. For many years, American citizens have complained about the Electoral College in movies, comedy skits, news articles, and magazines.

     Key & Peele have been some of the several people to include jokes about the Electoral College in their comedy skits. One problem with the Electoral College is that by having this establishment, it means that the popular vote does not count. This results in a waste of time for the American citizens to go out of their way to attend a voting poll and put in their vote. In the most recent presidential race, Donald Trump won the Electoral College votes, but did not win the popular vote. Why have a president that the citizens do not want? The United States of America is supposed to be a democracy for the people, but is this true?

     Does the slogan “We the people, For the people” hold any type of weight in this country? In my opinion the popular vote system that we have now is a scam to make the American citizens feel like they have a say in the government. Another problem with the Electoral College is the unfairness of all votes. Someone’s vote in one state might not hold as much weight as someone else’s vote in another state. For instance, each vote in the state of Wyoming holds four times as much weight as someone’s vote in Texas according to Tyler Lewis, HuffingtonPost.com. This can deter voters away from the polls.

    In my opinions, the Electoral College was only created to make states feel more important in a federalist government. In a study done by Jesse Ruderman, “A presidential candidate could be elected with as a little as 21.8% of the popular vote by getting just over 50% of the votes in DC and each of 39 small states. This is true even when everyone votes and there are only two candidates. In other words, a candidate could lose with 78.2% of the popular vote by getting just under 50% in small states and 100% in large states.” With this being said, the Electoral College can overpower anything that the American citizens actually want.

    Some people might still argue that the Electoral College saves America from voting a wild candidate into the office, but this is a very rare case. Abolishing the Electoral College should be taken into high consideration. It would make America more of a true democracy that it claims to be.

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