Gamma Upsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Presents; Walk Like a Sigma

To end off their sigma week, the Gamma Upsilon chapter of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity incorporated at Delaware State University held their annual Walk Like a Sigma event on January 23rd, 2019 in the campus’ EH Theatre. This has become one of the chapter’s annual program, where they have hosted one each year. The program usually involves two all-girl teams who go head to head battling for three rounds implementing and highlighting some of fraternity’s hottest dance moves, strolls, and even their infamous “Sigma walk” in their performances.
Prior to the event, students had the chance to audition in order to be a part of the event, where they had to showcase their creativity, and how fast they could pick up on dance moves. From there, both captains and fellow members of the Gamma Upsilon chapter Corey Miles and Lawrence Awosogba Jr. will pick whoever they feel would best fit their team and best execute the moves. For a total of eight weeks the contestants practiced, having to come up with three, three and a half minute performances.
There were four judges, three have being past Gamma Upsilons members, and another member from Wesley College. The event was hosted by Delaware State’s Alumni known by his active Instagram account Localceleb_geo, and current freshman Kiddmeech who made jokes, and was very interactive with the audience. In between breaks, the hosts paired up with the DJ known by his stage name DJ Reem, where they played music from some of the most popular city/state students were from. Those from New York got in the aisles and “Milly Rocked” and “Harlem-Shaked” while Jersey natives were seen to dance to Jersey club music. Senior Morgan Carey stated, “They always host Walk Like a Sigma program every year, and every year it’s always litt! I definitely enjoyed myself tonight.”
The two teams for in this year Walk Like a Sigma competition were the “BabyBluPhi” who was coached by Lawrence Awosogba Jr., and the “Blu Warriers” coached by Corey Miles. The “Blu Warriors” amazed the crowd with their creativity with thei Chinese theme performance and usage of props. However, team “BabyBluPhi” did win over the crowd’s heart with their sharp and very crisp moves. Throughout their performance, they had brought the crowd to their feet when they incorporated one of the biggest dance crazes in the Caribbean called “Genna Bounce” and using blindfolds to do the birdbox challenge.
During intermissions there was a performance by Delaware State’s dance team Hidden Vanity.

To no surprise, all of BabyBluPhi’s hard work payed off, and they took home the victory for the night. Captain of the “BabybluPhi” Lawrence Awosogba stated, “I am so proud of my team, and we worked extremely hard, and I’m so glad I got to see my vision come to life.”

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