Trump threatens to use National Emergency for Border Wall

Marvin Hagwood

Over the past couple of weeks, the U.S has gone through several crises and most of the problems can be pointed back at the want for border security at the southern border. The border security crisis includes the Trump administration pressing for a steel wall that would cover numerous spots at the southern border between the United States and Mexico.

President Donald Trump

  Many citizens have different opinions and views on the matter, but there is no doubt that everyone is being affected by this crisis. From Government workers to regular civilians to small business owners, all U.S citizens have been affected by the recent government shutdown. The government shutdown, which is the longest in U.S history, of 35 days has and will cause a serious domino effect on the United States.

Many workers and owners suffer from money loss due to businesses not booming as usual. Government workers have been furloughed and small business owners are not making as much profit.

            This crisis is the result of Congress not agreeing to pass the bill for the wall to be built. Many citizens hold very different opinions on this matter from agreeing that Congress should hold out on signing the bill, as well as some believe that Congress should sign the bill and allow the wall to be built.

            President Donald Trump has stated that he might use his Executive power to call for a National Emergency. In doing this, President Trump will overpower Congress and call for the wall to be built regardless of Congress’s opinion or decision. “I think we might work a deal, and if we don’t, we might go that route,” says President Trump. The President is all about deals and does not take no for an answer.           

Picture from Pres. Donald Trump’s Twitter page of design of wall

            Eric Trump, who is the son of President Trump has urged his father to use the National Emergency according to HuffingtonPost.com saying “I want him to declare an emergency.” He is fully on board with what his father wants. There seems to be no doubt in the Trump administration that this is a good idea.

            Eric trump then went on to say according to HuffingtonPost.com that “Honestly, if they don’t, declare the emergency and build the wall with the United States military because that’s what people in this country want.” For some reason the Trump organization believe that all of Americans are on board with this act. Many citizens do not agree with this act, yet the Trump believe that it will be the best thing for country now.

Mr. Eric Trump

            This bill reportedly calls for $5.7 billion dollars. There are other ongoing problems in the U.S such as the Flint, MI water crisis. “We’ve been told the emergency’s over. No, it isn’t. Come look at these lines,” says Jim Carnes, who is a 60-year-old man who still walks home carrying bottled water from a help center, according to bridgemi.com. According to TIME.com 80,000 people are still struggling to survive during this winter cold. This money that is supposedly going to fix border security could help these situations.

            Although the Government Shutdown has come to a temporary stop, Trump has stated that if Congress does not come to an agreement by a certain date, then he might call for a National emergency or continue with the Government Shutdown.

            Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Sunday called Trump’s decision “a terrible idea.” “I hope he doesn’t do it,” Rubio told NBC. “It’s just not a good precedent to set in terms of action. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want border security ― I do. I just think that’s the wrong way to achieve it.” Many Americans agree with Rubio’s statement.

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