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Imani Lee

The film making industry is a growing industry for those who enjoy a creative outlet to showcase their talents, but similar to every job there is an inequality between men and women. Women in this industry are now getting the praises they deserve, just as their male counterparts. It is important that women are actively involved in the film making industry. 

Many women have worked behind the scenes of some of our favorite movies, but they are now being recognized for their projects. In 2016, there was a resurgence of women producing, directing, script writing, and even starring in their own movies Before that year, it was very rare that a movie had a female director, producer, or screen writer. 

Most of the box office hits in 2018 were directed by women such as Wrinkle in Time (Ava DuVernay), Blockers (Kay Cannon), The Spy Who Dumped Me (Susana Fogel), and On the Basis of Sex (Mimi Leder). Although, these movies are popular among the general public they are so many more films directed by females to watch.  

Having women as directors of films is crucial for little girls to know, especially that there are more jobs than the regular 9 to 5. It gives little girls the sense that they can be a part of an industry and that they can be the most creative. Many future female filmmakers are not as supported as males, but they need to.

The University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, found that 4% of every film is directed by women that equates to 22 male directors to every one female director. “Yes, women are in film. I feel like it’s a non-bias industry. It’s not like sports, it has no rule.” Cory McGee spoke about the bias between males and females in the film industry, but is that necessarily true when it comes down to statistics.

On average, female directors have a shorter career span than male directors. 83.7% of women never directs a second movie, compared to 55.3% of men who never directs a second movie. “Females need a longer career, because they have so much to offer to the film making industry similar to how men have much to offer the industry,” said Keith Sanchez when asked about the stats. It’s unfair to know women start their film careers later, but it ends earlier than men’s. 

Women have the power to change these stats with male support. “I’m all for women equality in the film industry,” said Johquin Wiley, when asked about male directors supporting their female counterparts in the film industry. Men have the power to speak up about supporting women in the film industry. It’s important that male directors assist female directors in having prosperous careers in film making. 

“It is important that women are well represented in the film industry,” Jasmine Warren said when asked about the representation of women in the film industry. Today, there is a bold representation of women in the film making industry, and it continues to grow. Movies are now being directed by women of different backgrounds no matter the race, sexuality, religion, and so many more. Film making isn’t an industry for the same type of people, but for those who come from different backgrounds.

Delaware State University’s Mass Communications, professor Renee Marine, explained how women can progress in the film making industry. “Women should be stronger willed when it comes to working in the film making industry.” Female directors have to be strong and continue to show their male counterparts that they deserve a place in the film industry. When female directors stop fighting for their equality in film making then that is when the progress in the industry will be halted. Today, women are demanding their equality in the film making industry. 

Women deserve longer and more successful careers in the film making industry.  Although, many female directors are becoming box office hits, there is more work to be done, so every female director can shine. 

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