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Imani Lee

The God Brothers and Fairy God Sisters of Delaware State University welcomed their inductees with a beautiful ceremony. Every inductee had a glow about them, because they knew they were joining a dedicated, service-oriented organization. On Sunday, it was a visible excitement on the inductees faces of being inducted into the prestigious organizations.


“I wanted to be more proactive on campus”, Corey McGhee, sophomore explains why he joined the organization. These specific organizations are service oriented and dedicated to the student body.  During the ceremony, it showed that the organizations are community oriented by going to the local elementary schools, giving toys to underprivileged children, and so many more.


God Brother Inductees

Community Service, dedication and being responsible are some of the qualities potential candidates must have to join. Both God Brothers and Fairy God Sisters represents themselves in a prestigious light. The organizations carry themselves with grace and class that permeated throughout the entire event.


Mr. God Brother and Ms. God Sister

“I wanted to be a part of a org that had a sisterly bond, “ Vanaija Shelton, sophomore. The two organizations have a sisterly and brotherly bond. It was present as both organizations cheered for one another as they were inducted into the organizations. Every guest could feel the love that the organizations had for each other throughout the room.



The induction ceremony was an event not to miss. The God Brothers and Fairy God Sisters are organizations that takes pride in community service and commitment to the people. Congratulations to all the inductees.


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