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Women’s Senate Kicks off the Semester with Vision Board Event

Darah Martin

Delaware State University’s Women’s Senate started off the year strong with their first program of the semester. The ladies hosted a Vision Board event in the Martin Luther King Parlors on  Wednesday night. The event was meant to help the attendees clarify and concentrate on their specific life goals.

This year Women’s Senate has incorporated a new mentor program called Big Sister Little Sister. The program is meant to provide leadership and mentoring to freshmen and sophomores from juniors and seniors who are paired together. The sisters attend different bonding events where they increase women empowerment, mentor and guide each other.

The program started at seven o’clock sharp. Foldable tables were set up in the parlors with cardboard posters, glue and scissors. Attendees were required to bring one magazine upon entry.

The president of the organization, Tess Aguire, and the big sister little sister board, Saphire Small, Symone Clarke, and Mia Mitchell all walked around the room welcoming the sisters to the event.

“This year is all about empowerment. And what’s a more fun way then to gather all your goals and put them on paper. If you look at your goals every day you’re more likely to achieve them. Know yourself and know your worth,” said Tess Aguire when asked about the first event of the semester.

After a warm welcome the board proceeded to pass out starbursts to everyone. The girls passed out four different flavors: watermelon, strawberry, cherry, and fruit punch. Each starburst represented something different.

Who ever had a watermelon starburst had to share an embarrassing moment that had happened to them. Whoever had strawberry had to come up with two short term goals and two long term goals. Cherry meant share a fun fact and fruit punch required to you to memorize the Women’s Senate mantra which is “I, as a woman of the illustrious Delaware State University vow to practice strength, confidence, and independence while knowing my self worth through my journey of growth.”

A lot of people stood up and introduced themselves, the color of their starburst, and what their starburst required of them. A fun icebreaker to get things started!This event was no silent affair. The board played music and even tried to get a dance challenge going. Sisters who had never met got a chance to interact and get to know each other. Big sister little sister board president Saphire Small had a short motivator, “raise the standard, be the example you want see. Big Sister, Little Sister lets go!”

“This is really fun, I’ve been wanting to make a vision board for months and now I get to make one with my sisters,” said Tanaja Brown when asked about how she was liking the event. Many girls found that they had similar goals and dreams that they aspired to. Sisters were sharing magazines and helping each other design their vision board throughout the night.

The event lasted around two hours before it started getting wrapped up. At the end of the event president of the Big Sister Little Sister board announced that the Women’s Senate would be extending a helping hand to the National Cardiovascular Partners. Women’s Senate will be going red for the month of February and will be conducting bake sales during common hour until two o’clock to raise money for people with heart conditions.

Many of the sisters in attendance volunteered to sign up and help support the cause. The president wrapped up the ceremony with a quick clean up and some group pictures. What a great way to kick off the semester!

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