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Eventful Mass Comm. and Visual and Performing Arts Day Planned… Sony Entertainment to Attend

JaNa’ Cheatham

The Mass Communications Department of Delaware State University has begun plans for its Spring semester Mass Comm. Day, now tagged Mass Comm. and Visual and Performing Arts Day, which is coming up on March 28.

This year’s program presents a departure from those of the past years. “This is a Mass Comm. Day with a twist,” said Ms. Renee Marine, the Program Director. She explained that “The Mass Communications Department and the Visual and Performing Arts Department are now being combined, making this program, The Mass Communications and Visual and Performing Arts Day. So, if you are a mass communications, music, or art major, this program is for you.”

The event is set to be held on Thursday March 28th, 2019 and the Career Fair will be on the following day, Friday March 29th.

The changes that have been made to the new Mass Comm., Visual Arts and Performing Day, now allows the faculty to interact and work with all the students in these departments. Also, all the students in these majors will participate in a three-hour night reception, which will allow them to interact with business professionals in the different areas. The participating companies will interview students for jobs and internships during the Career Fair.

The Program Director, Ms. Renee Marine, is elated that “tentatively Sony has agreed to come and speak with all of our students to do an interactive panel discussion, so we’re really excited about that.”pictures of ms. marine 2.jpg

The Mass Communications and Visual and Performing Arts Day is an all-day event and although students would not be excused from their classes all day, they are able to choose two panels of their choice from several panels throughout the day, two of which are mandatory.

There is also going to be a new interactive system that verifies that the students are there.

The Mass Comm. Program Director confirmed that “students who participate the correct way will have a letter sent on their behalf to the Provost, excusing them from their other classes for the rest of the day,”

Ms. Marine further explained that, “although this is an event that is tagged Mass Communications and Visual and Performing Arts, it’s important for students to know that, while they have two opportunities to come together in all three areas, they will also have separate panels specific to their concentration, so that they can get the most out of the day.”

The faculty and staff of the Mass Communications and Visual and Performing Arts Department are working hard to ensure that this program is a success and that the students have a fun and truly beneficial experience from attending.

Dr. Becker, who is the Chair of The Mass Communication and Visual and Performing Arts Department, is excited about the prospects of the Day when he said at a planning meeting that: “This is an excellent networking opportunity for students to build connections for internships, employment opportunities and career advice.”


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