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Dreamers Take on Spring 2019

Jasmine Alford

As DSU welcomes students and groups back to campus for the Spring of 2019, one group in particular that has gotten a big welcome from their own is the Dreamers of Delaware State University.

The dreamers are a group of college students who do not have official citizenship in America, but continue to prosper in this country through their hard work and dedication to education. These students have proven their dedication to continuing education through their high G.P.A.s and have been granted the opportunity to continue their education for free, through a four year scholarship.

As long as they continue to achieve academic excellence they will receive this scholarship until they have completed their undergraduate degree.


On Thursday, January 10th,2019 the Dreamers of Delaware State University had their first meeting of the semester at Wesley United Methodist Church in Dover, DE.

During this meeting the students and faculty welcomed each other back and set some goals for themselves as they start out their new semester. Dreamer, Arley Islas, a junior here says, “I’m excited for this semester especially because after this semester I will be a senior.”

While some Dreamers are used to the flow of college by now, some of the new comers are not yet accustomed to the demands of college life. This event was also held to welcome the new Dreamers to DSU and to help to ensure them on how to have a successful semester.

Junior Juan Chavez says, “having this event was important because we’re able to meet the new Dreamers at DSU. We’re able to guide them if they have an questions.”

This event was definitely about uniting the Dreamers and helping them work on ways to continue excelling in their higher education. This group of students is destined for greatness. And working as a group to achieve their goals will definitely insure success for this growing group.

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