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Welcome to The Spring Semester, 2019.

By The Editorial Staff

Kicking Off the Semester

Normally, an article such as this would be about how you should take your classes seriously. That article has been written and hardly read countless times, and rewriting one would be a waste of time. Instead, we offer a bit of advice from a senior. 

Dropping or switching classes is essential if a particular professor seems he or she may be a problem. Lets recount the experience of one of us here. In the words of Maximilian Farley, a senior, “I have only dropped a single class, but it allowed me an amazing opportunity to be a part of a week-long class, where I worked with Hollywood-producer, Stacey Evans Morgan, while also avoiding a class where the professor took an entire class period to simply sit on the desk and then gives us a test afterwards that featured many abstract ideas that we could not have possibly answered without his accompanying lecture, that he made a point of not giving us. “

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Interim Editor: Tiana Proctor

 Remember that college is more than just classes and professors. College is a wealth of opportunities that you may not even realize. Again, in the words of Maximilian, “Last semester, I went to interview my old graphic design teacher who, during the interview, made a phone call and set me up to work as a professional freelance videographer in a couple of different basketball arenas, alongside videographers that have filmed the Washington Capitals and Redskins.” Explore as many opportunities as you can.

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 Welcome to The Spring Semester!

The “Digital Content Creation” Class of  Spring, 2019.

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