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DSU Unity Event Highlights Diversity On Campus

Latayla Branson

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Students of  DSU came out in droves to support the university’s first diversity and inclusion day.

Held on November 28th from 1-4p, students were able to get a glimpse of the many cultures represented  on the Dover campus of Delaware State University, through displays around various places in the MLK student center.
Through music, food, dancing, and other interactive activities those in attendance were able to learn and experience for themselves the beauty and excitement of cultural variety.


Students even got to hear spoken word, singers/rappers, participate in cultural dances and listen to a speech from one of our very own Deferred Action for Children Arrival (DACA/Dreamer) students.

Diversity 9.png

A Student “Dreamer” speaks to fellow students about the importance of Diversity and Inclusion

It was the perfect event for staff and students to eat and network. The event which was organized by Irene C. Hawkins, Vice President of Human Resources and Pamela Mosley Gresham, Director of Labor Relations and Diversity, along side of many amazing volunteers, rejuvenated a stitch in our campus DNA to unify the heart of our university family, even in a time as politically divisive as today.


(Left to Right) Pamela Mosley Gresham, Director of Labor Relations and Diversity and Irene C. Hawkins, Vice President of Human Resources

With one of Delaware State University’s core values being Diversity, this event to unify people of all cultures, shapes, sizes, colors, and walks of life can truly be taken in as a humbling and enlightening experience, the likes of which we would all love to see around campus more often.

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