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Mass Communication Professor Teaches the Importance of Self-Motivation During NABJ’s Speaker Series

Latayla Branson

November 15th, 2018– Delaware State University’s National Association of Black Journalist held its second Director’s Dish of the year. The guest speaker was Mass Communications professor, Dr. Daniel Awodiya.Speaker series awo1

Awodiya who is also an author and Public Relations professional, spoke with students at last Thursday’s event about his career in PR and how his drive and focus are what kept him on a pathway to success. “My self-motivation is what helped me to get to where I am now, I believe that when you find your passion, your own motivation and discipline will contribute to your overall success no matter what you do.”


R: Guest Speaker–Dr. Daniel Awodiya and L: Interviewer– Latayla Branson

Awodiya who is the owner of his own PR firm called Springboard Communications, also spoke to the importance of networking, stressing to the students that it is not always about what you know but who you know. He also provided students with knowledge of what can make their Public Relations portfolio’s more effective to employers listing items like; Press releases, articles or other forms of writing samples, marketing plans, research and samples of digital campaigns, among some of the most important items that will help students get employed after college.

Not only did Dr. Awodiya provide good tips and perspective on how to get employed in Speaker series awo2the PR field, he also offered some words of inspiration to the students in attendance. “Work hard for everything that you want, stay focused and determined. Have faith that what you want to do and know that you will achieve everything you are supposed to.”

The November Director’s Dish was the last for the semester, but NABJ plans to continue the Speaker Series into the New Year with even more communications professionals. The series will continue to be held once a month, during common hour (11am-12pm) in ETV 124. Specific dates and speakers will be released as the start of the spring semester approaches. All are welcomed to attend.


Cross-section of the audience at the event.

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