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DJs Meet in Silence

Kevin Coque Alarcon

The silent DJ event was held at the Center of Wellness in Delaware State University, October 23, 2018 as part of the homecoming festivities.

The silent DJ competition hosted different DJs with an opportunity to display their talents. Students were able to listen to the DJs by using headphones.

“The event was unlike anything I have been to, ” said, Paola a sophomore.  It was very entertaining, there were quite a number of standout performances from all who participated.

Students’ opinion of the event

A couple of DSU Students, Maria and Paola said they had a very good time at the competition, and they were really glad to come out and watch. Maria said, “I was almost not gonna come to this event but I’m glad I did, it was fun.”

d4c8fe39-8a79-487a-a125-1aff14532f34 (1)                           People at a silent headphone party. Picture courtesy of google. 

How it sounds with no headphones

It was  interesting to watch how people interacted once the headphones were off, because there was no music playing at the actual venue, so all one could hear was the sound of people dancing to no music.

The way the event was set up was very attractive to the eyes with very bright lights beaming off the headphones. One could see the wave of lights moving as the people danced along to the music coming from the headphones.

Was it worth it

All in all, the event was very interesting; it was a very good time, and it was unlike anything this reporter has ever seen before.

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