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Another “Lit” Year For DSU Greek Plots

Amaya Smith


Old Generation of Kappa Alpha Psi posing on their Greek Plot 

(Via Instagram #DSUHomecoming)

Every year DSU Greeks host their annual event on the greek plots during DSU homecoming Game. DSU Greek plots aka “The Plots” is an annual event current students and alumni look forward to every year to end off homecoming.

DSU Greeks invite current students on their plots for a day and have music playing with food and even their signature drinks. Alumni and Greeks from other HBCUs love to come back for homecoming especially game day for not only the game but mostly the plots. Many Greeks from early and new generations  love to stroll together and host on their plots.

DSU Greeks are very vibrant especially during homecoming and spring fling. The Greeks even have their annual step show during homecoming as well. Currents students love greek events during homecoming. DSU Greeks know how to give a good time for first year and upperclassmen.

Homecoming game image

DSU Running Back, Michael Chris – Ike

(Via DSUHornets.Com)

This Year it was even more “lit” for the plots as the Del State U hornets football team won their homecoming game with a score of 28-13. First homecoming game the school team has won in years since winning in 2013 and loosing to Howard University last year.

DSU homecoming means a lot to many generations and has brought an entire community of black excellence together.

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