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…And the Homecoming Step Show Competition Winners Are…?

Avery Harris

Thursday night (Oct. 25th), The Homecoming Step Show held everyone’s attention hostage. The Memorial Hall Gymnasium was filled with plenty of fraternities, sororities, students & alumni. Everyone came for a good time, and that’s exactly what they got. The lines led out of the Gymnasium all the way to the basketball courts.

The Performers

This Homecoming Step Show’s performers consisted of many different teams. One of which is the school dance team Hidden Vanity, most popularly known on campus as “HV”. But the focus was on the sororities and fraternities as they were competing for bragging rights and to be the champions for the next year. Each team was accompanied by a theme they chose, as well as a video and music to help assist them with the theme.

The Winners

Massive cheering from the crowd took over during the announcements of the winners. For the sororities, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc won. For the fraternities, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc won. These battles were hard fought and very closely judged, but these two teams came out on top. Now these two teams “run the yard” or have the bragging rights, until next homecoming…


The Sorority Winners: Alpha Kappa Alpha

The Themes

Each team came with a well thought out theme. Some of them based around general ideas, others based on movies or music. Some examples of the themes were:

  • Security Guards
  • Army Soldiers
  • Childish Gambino’s “This is America” inspired
  • Major Payne (the movie) inspired
  • Coming to America (the movie) inspired
  • And so much more!

These themes exposed the creativity of each team and the crowd loved every second of it. Each team also had visuals in the form of videos projected behind them, which helped deliver their performance to the crowd how they wanted it to.


This was iStep’s theme, which was a Childish Gambino “This is America” tribute.

The Experience

The DJs, the Host, The crowd…. Everybody had a good time. The night was filled with dancing, music, and fun. The host controlled the crowd well. From having some fun with jokes about the security guards at the event to hyping up each part of the crowd, there was never a dull moment.

The DJs controlled the crowd extremely well too. They just always knew what to play. During every intermission between teams, the isles were flooded with people dancing with their friends and classmates. Even during the “Where you from?” segment where they had to play songs that represented some of the student’s hometowns, such as Baltimore, Philly, & D.C.

This was one you would not want to miss!

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