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The Delaware State University Gospel Extravaganza

Kendall Wright

The Highly Anticipated Concert

On October 28th 2018, at 7 pm, the highly anticipated, Homecoming Gospel Concert was held in the Education and Humanities theater. This annual experience was like no other. Many people get to see their favorite Gospel artists up close and personal at the Gospel concerts and not only that, but the ability to worship among many of their peers. The Gospel Concerts bring Joy to many that attend. In the link below is DSU Gospel choir Homecoming concert in 2014.

gospel choir

The Importance of the Gospel Concerts

  • There is no better way to end an HBCU homecoming event with no other concert than a Gospel concert. There are many festivities that go on, on this campus during Delaware State’s  Homecoming week, but Gospel concerts seems to usher in a calm atmosphere back onto the small campus after much activity.

The Event Line Up

  • The first Act for Sunday Night was our very own DSU Gospel choir, opening up with 3 songs.
  • The next act that Followed was the powerful Psalmist Kenderlyn Turner who ushered in the Spirit of God
  • Following Kenderlyn Turner was no other than Justin Powell and Adoration performing songs off their upcoming album.
  • Who can forget about Edward Busta fields and his choir to send a powerful shift into the atmosphere.
  • Chico Robinson flowed under the anointing of the Spirit as he proceeded Edward Fields Performance.
  • Lastly, Charles Butler and Trinity to ended off the night with four powerful songs that shifted the atmosphere and ended in a dance

Headliner: Charles Butler

  • Charles Butler is a Washington D. C Native, Music teacher and vocal director of the Stellar Award winning Group Trinity. He has produced three albums since the year 2013, with several award winning songs such as; Make it, The Blood and Amazing worth.

The Experience

The DSU Gospel Choir experience

We got to to Ask Sade Perry, a sophomore on the choir about her experience in the Gospel choir during Homecoming. She said, “ There is nothing more exciting than the Gospel concert in my opinion. This is the place where you get to see your hard work manifest and it touch the lives other other students and adults.” Sade Perry  has been a member of the Gospel choir for over a year and plans to stay in the choir until she graduates.

The Treat

We were able To catch Criminal Justice Major, Ashley Hannays, to give her thoughts on what is to come out of this Concerts. We asked her How this concert was different from others. She went on to say, “Last year we had Ricky Dillard and  JJ Hairston a semester prior, but this year was the ultimate treat. These artists were talented, anointed and did not disappoint those who came to Worship. I truly believed that all the artist laid the foundation of praise and worship when they got up to sing. It was an unforgettable concert.” Ashley is also a part of the events committee for the choir so she was excited to see the reactions of those who attended the Concert. Link to see JJ Hairston at DSU in 2017:

In Conclusion, The Delaware State University Gospel choir and the other guest artists really treated ticket buyers this past Sunday, October 28th . There was plenty of uplifting songs and dancing that moved their spirits. This Gospel concert was be one for the books. It was more than a concert. It was church!


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