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DSUPreme Monday’s Mischief

Jada McDowell

Delaware State’s homecoming 2018 popped off with “Monday’s Mischief.” Monday’s  Mischief took place on October 21, 2018. This event was considered as a social filled event with many surprises. Monday’s Mischief included contests, games, a photo booth, and live music courtesy of DJ Breaz.

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Spectators (Photo Courtesy of Jada McDowell)

Monday’s event had a great turnout. It started out a little slow but quickly became packed. DJ Breaz kept the energy up throughout the whole event. As he played very popular and entertaining tunes that kept everyone on their feet.

Greek Participation in Mischief

Greek Life

Delaware State fraternities and sororities strolled for the majority of the event. Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Kappa Alpha Si, Omega Psi Phi, and Phi Beta Sigma presence was heavily felt. The vibe was crazy, as many of the members who usually do not stroll actually participated. All eyes were on them as they entertained the large crowd.

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Delta Sigma Theta (Photo Courtesy of Jada McDowell).

Food Contests

Food Contests Ideas

Monday’s Mischief also eating contests. The winners would receive a free ticket to the party,  or a library gift card. There were about five to seven participants per round. Which there were two rounds of hot wings eating and two rounds of pie eating. Contestants raced to see who could eat fiery hot wings or pie full of whip cream the fastest. With the pie eating contest, contestants had one constraint, they could not use their hands which added a level of difficulty.  The first person to finish received the prize.

Besides the pie eating contests, one of everyone’s favorite childhood games had to be included in the games. Musical chairs was also a game played to receive a homecoming part ticket or library gift card. The game was intense as everyone was eager to grab a chair before they were all taken. Surprisingly, no contestants fell on the ground. Such a great turnout as everyone shared many laughs as this event took place.

Contests for Incentives

  • Pie Eating Contest
  • Fiery Wing Eating Contest
  • Musical Chairs

According to Indaysia Brent, “ I really enjoyed myself, I am glad I came.” As can be seen, students really enjoyed themselves. Also, I asked Catelen Hollis what was the best part of Monday’s Mischief and she said: “The part that I enjoyed the most was the music.” So, shout out to DJ Breaz he really did great.   In conclusion, DSUPreme week started off great. The energy was unmatchable. Looking forward, homecoming week shall be a success.


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