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DSU Open House 2018 & The Art Department

 Sarah Grantland

Open House in the Gym

The DSU 2018 open house was held on Saturday the 20th and was a huge success. Stands were laid out across the entire gym, the art department had numerous incoming students approach the stand and ask questions.

Many incoming students had signed up for the new media and studio art majors. Emily; an incoming student that approached our stand said “this is the nicest campus I have ever seen! The atmosphere here is just incredible!”

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DSU Art Stand

Professor Billy Colbert and chair Dr. Donald Becker represented the art department and all that it has to offer for the students. The two art professionals explained what it meant to be in the art department and the different fields we have to offer.

Many students were technology oriented and wanted to take part in the New Media major. One incoming student named Jacob asked “Does DSU have any programs that allow students to learn how to use Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator?” What he was looking for was the New Media major and Mr. Colbert made sure to tell him all about it!

Tours of the Art Department

After viewing the stand and watching the marching band students were then taken to the art department itself! Dr. Becker gave the students tours of the 3-D room, drawing room, and the lobby.

Dr. Becker explained that the art department was the place to pursue what you want to be as an artist. “All students in this building are passionate about what they do here.” The students observed the art pieces hanging on the walls as they toured the department.

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Dr. Becker Speaks to Prospective Students During Open House

After leaving the right side of the art department, the students received a tour of the mac lab. Mr. Colbert explained what new media was and what programs in specific they were going to use while working towards their majors.


Professor Colbert Speaks to Prospective Students During Open House

The incoming students look happy as they left the art department and we cannot wait to have them become students of DSU!

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