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DSU Kicks Off Homecoming Week!

Dominique A. Merritt

At any HBCU, Homecoming is the most biggest event that takes place during each school year. It’s a time where students, parents, faculty and alumni come together and celebrate. Homecoming is a tradition, especially if you are in an organization. You reunite with your old friends and attend events for the whole week leading up to the football game and at most HBCU’s, a concert or party.

Delaware State University may be in a small town, but DSU know how to have a great time. The “No Limit” Administration worked hard to create events throughout the week for DSU’s homecoming. On Monday, the homecoming week started with “Mischief Monday.” This event was full of activities, games, music and more.


This event was of course not in silence. DJ Breaz kept everyone dancing with music from every area. He took DSU to the DMV, Jersey, Philly, and Delaware. DJ Breaz even played African and Caribbean music for the culture. Most of the students are 90’s babies, so DJ Breaz took it back and played some throwbacks. He kept everyone up out their seats, dancing.

Activities & Games

In addition to the good music, the “No Limit” Administration included activities and game for people to participate in, such as:

  • A photo-booth
  • Pie and wing eating contest
  • Musical chair

These activities were a great way of meeting new people and bonding with your friends.

Greek Life

To end the eventful “Mischief Monday,” DJ Breaz played songs for the Greek life to stroll to. It’s always entertaining to see the undergraduate, graduate and alumni Greeks stroll to their signature songs. Most people look forward to see the Greeks perform throughout the week of homecoming.

A few of the Divine 9 performed in the MLK during this event, having everyone pull their phones out to record.

“Mischief Monday” was a great way to kick off DSU’s homecoming. The energy of the students continues throughout the entire week, leading into the football game and party. Go Hornets!

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