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DSU Homecoming: Mischief Monday

Nicolette Baylor

You know what time of year it is! Its Homecoming season here at Delaware State University, and the energy of the students has never been so great.

The Student Government Association (SGA), along with the Hornets Activity Committee (HAC) have planned a week of exciting events and activities for the student body to participate in including:

  • Coronation
  • Mischief Monday
  • Silent DJ Battle
  • Pin Pressure
  • The Step Show
  • Homecoming Concert (ft. Tory Lanez, Lil Baby, and Gunna)
  • “The Spooky Affair” Party

The second day of homecoming was Mischief Monday, which is when they have a DJ in the MLK Student Center and students gather to have fun, dance, and participate in contest like a wing eating contest and pie eating contest.

Mischief Monday is really the official kick-off to homecoming.

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Crowd in MLK Student Center

When asked, student Ayame Phillips described the energy in the MLK as, “Nothing but good vibes and laughter! I had a great time and met new people.”

She also participated in the musical chairs game and said, “It was competitive and invigorating to play with all my friends surrounding me.” The event was DJ’d by the WDSU radio station DJ, DJ Breaz.

Student, Brittany Butler, also known as Miss DMV Club says, “Mischief Monday was packed with great people, good vibes, and positive energy”



Greek Life Strolling

The end of the event consisted of the on campus Greek organizations strolling to their signature songs.

This event was a great start to an amazing and unforgettable week.

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