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Delaware State University’s Homecoming Begins with Annual Coronation.

Institution’s Kings and Queens will “Remember the Time.”

Omar Jackson

It’s Homecoming Season!

Last Sunday, Delaware State University’s 2018 Homecoming season started with the institution’s annual Coronation. The coronation included a variety of the various organization’s kings and queens as well as the Royal Vision:


  • Freshman Class Mister and Miss – Aaron Pradier & Kaia Grey
  • Sophomore Class Mister and Miss – Duwayne Branch & Ashley Davis
  • Junior Class Mister and Miss – Alimamy Conteh & Tahjah Warner
  • Senior Class Mister and Miss – Kashif Williams & Takia Graves
  • Mister and Miss DSU – Raphael Jason-Morgan & Olivia Moncrieffe

The annual coronation is to introduce the student leaders of many different organizations for the upcoming school year. In addition to their brand-new sashes and crowns, each king and queen showed off their best professional attire in front of their hornet family.

Remember the Time

Michael Jackson’s legendary smash-hit “Remember the Time” was the theme for the event. Consequently, many of the props and costumes were based on Egyptian culture, royalty, and landmarks.

Depending on who you ask, the theme could’ve been chosen for many reasons; however, Delaware State University sophomore, Marco Robinson, has a unique approach on the event.

He described the event saying:

“The Egyptian theme is a clever tactic that encourages people to remember the royalty we African-Americans come from, but also to look forward to our present and future situations as we crown today’s kings and queens.”

Despite our own going oppression, African-Americans have continued to reminisce on our ancestors’ power, while also making certain that this power is achievable for our future generations. Delaware State University has done this perfectly for their 2018 Homecoming Coronation.

Hidden Vanity Puts on a Show

 When you thought the show couldn’t get any better, Hidden Vanity came to steal the show away. As a dedication to Michael Jackson’s famous music video ‘Remember the Time’, they did the same choreography from the actual video.

The New Mr. and Miss DSU

 When asked to give remarks about how they felt being the newly elected Mr. and Miss DSU, Olivia made a reference to God saying, “I thank God bringing me this far,”; also, about her mom saying. “I thank God for my mom pushing me, I wouldn’t be here today.”

omar 2

Raphael made a reference to his campaign slogan saying, “Remember to always ride the W.A.V.E.” (We Are Visionaries Excelling).

These two incredible people stole the show and amazed the crowd as they were crowned Mr. and Miss. Delaware State University. This is a moment that will certainly remain in the memories or everyone in attendance.


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