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A Testy Homecoming Game for DSU’s Football Team

 Joshua Streeter

Jack pics for HC

DSU Football Quarterback Jack McDaniels #10

Preparing for the Homecoming Game

Delaware State University is beginning to make several changes to accommodate the players and DSU community who plan on attending this Saturday’s homecoming game on October 27 at 2 p.m.

All Shuttle services drop off and pick up students at the Bank of America circle (parking lot side) from 9 a.m. through 6 p.m.

All vehicles from lot 1 and lot 4 are forced to move on Friday, October 26 in preparation for the upcoming game. If not, vehicles will get towed and the owners will have to recover them.

Even visitation hours end on Thursday, October 25, 12 p.m. through Sunday 28, 12 p.m. during the week of homecoming.

This includes:

  • No outside visitors
  • No overnight guests
  • No visitation from building to building

Record so far

So far, DSU football team’s record is 0 Wins and 7 loses.

Although, they have no chance to make to the playoffs, players still have hope that they will pull a miracle and win this week’s game.

Players are excited

In preparation for the upcoming football game, many of the players feel confident that this game will be the first win of the season for the Delaware State football team.

“As long as we focus up, play as a team, and stick to the game plan, I believe me and my squad are going to get this Win” ~Nahseem Woodard (Wide receiver).


Even the coaches expect a victorious outcome for this week’s game.

“Yeah, we may not have the best record or even a shot at the playoffs, but something about this week, I don’t know if it’s because it’s homecoming or not, but my guys feel confident in themselves and practice has been good this week. So, who knows we may surprise the fans with a Win” ~Rod Milstead (Head Football Coach).

Naiil pics for HC

NC Central Football Quarterback Naiil Ramadan #16

Opposing Team: North Carolina Central Eagles

The DSU Hornets take on the North Carolina Central Eagles on Saturday, October 27 at 2 p.m.

The Eagles appear to be a solid team with an even number of wins and loses which will change after Saturday’s game.

Record so far

The Eagles’ record so far is 3 Wins and 3 Loses with a slim chance of making it to the playoffs.

Right now, they are fourth in the Mid-Eastern Athletic conference which is the same division that the DSU Hornets are in and rank 10 out of 10 teams.

Staff members

Since, this game is a home game, the DSU football field will be set up by Mr. Fortune (Head of Conference and events), his staff of Sports Management majors, and the audio and equipment crew.

Band members

Every game the football team is accompanied by the DSU marching band, The Approaching Storm. This band includes people who play a wide variety of instruments and focus on supporting the team.

Unlike the coaches and the players, most band members don’t expect a glorious outcome at Saturday’s game and can’t wait for it to be over.






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